【Map Incl.】Recommended Plastic Model Shops in Akihabara!!【Efficiency-centered】



Where Should I go in Akiba?


Everybody knows Akihabara, what we call Akiba, where is the biggest otaku mecca in Japan.

We can access large amounts of information of Akihabara even now, but I’ve never seen good one regarding plastic models (Ganpura etc.). So I wrote this myself.

This article is recommended for

  • Modelers and Doll-lovers visiting Akihabara for the first time
  • Those who don’t have much time and need quick look around an hour.

Please comment or DM me if you have better knowledge of this place.


Entire Route

The entire route is as follows.
It goes clockwise from Akihabara station and takes about 1.5 hours at a quick glance.


KOTOBUKIYA Akihabara kan

I stop by this shop for ZOIDS and Girls doll.
(You can skip here if seeking for Gundam/Gunpla)

They have a better selection than one in Osaka, and they have a good display, which makes us fun to look at!!

The 2nd and 3rd floors are the plastic model zone, so looking here is enough for me (the 1st floor is character goods such as Monster Hunter and Ark Knights etc.).

RASHIBAN Akihabara Shinkan

Gunpla on the 2nd floor.
Prices are average and the selection is not large, but bargains can sometimes be found.


Gunpla and other plastic model items on the 8th floor.

Manzadare is a must-visit store because you can find many bargains with reasonable prices.

Jungle Imaginary Machine Museum Mechastore Akihabara

This store specializes in robots and other mechanical genres.

This store offers the best selection with moderate prices, so I always visit here whenever I go to Akihabara.

Hobby Shop TamTam Akihabara

The selection of Gundam plastic models is average, but it is nice and easy to see in the wide store.

(You can skip here if seeking for Gundam/Gunpla)

SURUGAYA Akihabara Plamo Store

The selection is best ever in Akihabara.
When I was there last week, there was a bunch of rare kits that we hardly find in other stores, such as NIGHTINGALE, XI GUNDAM, and PG UNICORN GUNDAM PERFECTIBILITY.

The problem is that price is TOO HIGH.

You should visit here if you want to buy a specific plastic model and don’t care about price at all.

Volks Akihabara Hobby Paradise 2

The selection is mediocre, so this store is where you necessarily visit in Akihabara.

The display of Charagumin ( Volks’s garage kit) is even better than HQ(Kyoto), so that might be worth a look.


Personally, my main priority is Radio Kaikan, so I always make a stop at the end of the day.

In Radio Kaikan, I go to Volks, Yellow Submarine, and Amiami.

Volks is similar to the above; so it can be omitted.

Submarine and Amiami often have new products left even if sold out at the other stores.

They also have a good selection of figures and other items, so you can explore them along with Gunpla.


If you want to see Gunpla or other plastic models, the above is what you need to check in Akihaba at least.
From my experience, even if you are looking at other toys/dolls, you will be fine if you have this route.

Of course, you can find other stores getting around Akihabara, but this route would be sufficient unless you are looking for something rare.

I tried to visit all the store in Akihabara in a day before, and it end up in just wasting time and energy.

How efficient you can get around Akiba and How fast you can find what you want; these things are the most important of all.

I’m truly convinced that this map would help you achieve these targets.

Hope you have a great trip along with this route.